Junior Chair

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The Junior chair is dedicated to talented young mathematicians and computer scientists. The laureates are invited to scientific stays of 6 months in the Foundation's laboratories.

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Created in 2012, the Junior Chair program was preceded by the Foundation's Prize, which had rewarded talented young mathematicans from 2007 à 2011. Click here to find the laureates of the Prize. 

Laureate for 2016

Radu Laza, 6 months at DMA and Collège de France

Associate professor at Stony Brook University, his research interest are: Algebraic Geometry, esp. moduli problems, degenerations, singularities, special classes of varieties (K3s, Calabi-Yau, Hyperkahler manifolds). 

Operating procedure

Applications to the Junior chair are open to young mathematicians or computer scientists. 


Scientific stay

Every laureates has to do his/her research in a laboratory affiliated to the Foundation and also give a 20 hours course of doctoral level.



Applications to the Junior chair are open to young mathematicians or computer scientists, of french or foreign nationality, whose academic level is « Habilitation à Diriger des recherches » or « Associate Professor ». The scientists from the Foundation's laboratories cannot apply.

All subjects of pure or applied mathematics and theoretical computer science can be elected.


Duration of the stay

The duration of a Junior chair can be 4, or 6, or 12 consecutive months. The maximum cumulated stay supported by the Foundation is 12 months by campaign.


Salary and Budget

Each laureate receives a net monthly salary of 3 000 and a housing assistance (financial only). They are as well given a scientifc budget of € 10 000

The laureates belonging to french universities/research institutions have the terms of their stay dealt with their university/institution of origin.

The laureates enjoy social cover and health insurance.

Each laureate does his/her research in a laboratory affiliated to the Foundation.

He/she also gives a 20 hours course of doctoral level.



All applications are made online.

The call for applications for academic year 2016-2017 is closed. The next call will open in october 2016.


chairejunior - at - fsmp.fr

You're interested in this program?

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Documents to be provided

1- Curriculum vitae (with list of publications)

2- Description of the courses

3- Letter of application

4- Planned research project

5- Recommendation letters (Step 4 of the application) : do not forget to mention the e-mail address of the researchers who wish to send recommendation letters. They will receive an automatic email to upload their letter.

Besides the quality of applications, we also expect from applicants to specify how their project will contribute, in the host laboratory-ies,  to develop a new scientific activity, and with whom they plan to interact with most of the time.