This program, launched by the LAGA and the FSMP, is dedicated to Master 1 students who followed their studies abroad and wish to go on with a second master's year in mathematics.

This scholarship cannot be combine with others, especially State Grants. However, students who carry out a Master 2 internship at the LAGA can combine the scholarship with the internship bonus awarded by the latter, according to current Université Paris 13  conditions.

This program is only available for students who can benefit from the French social coverage sor students. Thus, for the ongoing calls for applications (2016-2017), only applicants born after Octobre, 1st 1989 are able to apply to a M2 scholarship.

Most of the lectures will take place at the University Paris Diderot.


Laureates of this program will receive a scholarship of 1000 € for 10 months (starting in September) + 2 months  if they want to continue as a PhD in France within the Paris area.

The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris will cover Social Security for each student and the expenses due to University registration.


 Transport and Accomodation

Students in this program are hosted in student houses according to preferential conditions. They also benefit from students prices for university meals.
The cost of their return tickets from their country of origin to Paris is also paid back by the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (one return ticket by year in the standard class)


Administrative Support
The administrative team of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris helps students by giving them personalized administrative supports and  favors their insertion inside Paris life.
The FSMP, in connection with LAGA, helps them for administrative procedures such as university registration, visa application or medical care.

Scientific Support
The laureates benefit from a scientifc support and also a follow-up of their school results .
They also can register to "Français, Langue Etrangère"(FLE) courses to improve their practice of the french language. Those French lessons are offered by universities in Paris.


If you are interested by this program, you can apply online from Octobre, 1st 2015 to January, 26th 2016 (23h59 Paris Time)

Letters of recommendation can be uploaded until January, 28th 2016 (23h59 Paris time)



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Laureates for PGSM LAGA

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