The 6th European Congress of Mathematics

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The 6th European Congress of Mathematics, which occurs every 4 years, is going to take place from 2nd to 7th of July in Krakow.Lectures presenting various subjects will be given at this occasion and prestigious prizes will be awarded. 

The Speakers

 Three french mathematicians will give a plenary lecture at the Congress, and among them two members of the FSMP:

- Mikhail Gromov (IHES)

- Sylvia Serfaty (University Pierre et Marie Curie, LJLL, laboratory of the FSMP)

- Michel Talagrand (CNRS, IMJ, laboratory of the FSMP).

All the french researchers who will give an invited lecture, except Frank Merle (University of de Cergy-Pontoise), are also from the FSMP: Jean Bertoin (UPMC, LPMA), Serge Cantat (ENS, DMA), Pierre Colmez (CNRS, IMJ), Isabelle Gallagher (Paris-Diderot, IMJ) and Bernhard Keller (Paris-Diderot, IMJ). In the invited lecturers list, notice the serbo-canadian Stevo Todor?evi? (Mathemati?ki Institut SANU and IMJ), who works in our network as well, and Hélène Esnault (University of Essen, Germany), who received the Research Chair of Excellence of the FSMP in 2011.



 Several european prizes were awarded on Monday, 2 July 2012:

- the EMS Prizes, which go to young researchers not older than 35 years in recognition of excellent contributions in Mathematics, went to 4 french mathematicians among 10 laureates: Emmanuel Breuillard (professor at the University Paris-Sud Orsay), Mathieu Lewin (CNRS, University of Cergy-Pontoise), Grégory Miermont (professor at the University Paris-Sud Orsay, laureate of the FSMP Prize in 2007) et Sophie Morel (professor at Harvard University).

- the Felix Klein Prize, which goes to a young scientist or a small group of young scientists (normally under the age of 38) for using sophisticated methods to give an outstanding solution, which meets with the complete satisfaction of industry, to a concrete and difficult industrial problem, was given to Emmanuel Trélat (professor at University Pierre et Marie Curie, member of the Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions(LJLL), laboratory of the FSMP). Notice that Josselin Garnier, also member of LJLL, was the recipient of the same prize in 2008.

- the Otto Neugebauer Prize, which rewards a specific piece of work (a book or an article) and can be split between co-authors if necessary.


Eventually, 5 prizes among 12 were received by french mathematicians !

Find more information about the laureates on the SMAI Website :

 The Congress will also be the occasion to award the Prizes of the Polish Mathematical Society and its partners, on Thursday, 5 July 2012 after the Andrzej Pelczar Memorial Lecture.  

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