Isabelle Gallagher rewarded by the Academy of Sciences

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Isabelle Gallagher

Isabelle Gallagher, professor in university Paris-Diderot and researcher in Jussieu Institute of Mathematics, wins the Paul Doistau – Émile Blutet Prize for year 2008. This award is given by the french Academy of Sciences every two years for researches in mathematics. The last winner was Alice Guionnet, CNRS research director in École Normale Supérieure of Lyon, in 2006.

Isabelle Gallagher's research deals with the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE) of evolution type. Among other topics, she is interested in Navier-Stokes, wave and Schrödinger semilinear equations. She also works on harmonic analysis problems, with a special interest for the Heisenberg group.