Afternoon presentations about Ron DeVore

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An afternoon of presentations is organized on the 13th of may to mark the 70th anniversary of professor Ron DeVore visiting the laboratory J.-L.Lions for the Chaire d'Excellence of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris.

 Location : room 309, row 15-16, Campus Jussieu.





Program of the afternoon :

14:00 (Lab seminar JLL) Eitan Tadmor (Univ. of Maryland)

''Images, linear PDE's and critical regularity spaces: hierarchical constructions of their nonlinear solutions''


15:00 Coffee break


  15:30 Wolfgang Dahmen (RWTH Aachen)

"A greedy perspective of nonlinear approximation"



  16:20 Dominique Picard (Univ. Paris VII)

''Maximal approximation spaces and maxisets''


  17:10 Albert Cohen (Univ. Paris VI)

''High dimensional approximations of parametric PDE's''



18h Cocktail (room facing the presentations)

Medal Award of the FSMP to Ron DeVore.