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 The "Réseau de Recherche Doctoral" in Mathematics in the Île de France (RDM-IdF), held by the Fondation de Mathématiques Jacques Hadamard, the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris and the LabEx Bezout, is part of  selected programs referring to  the DIM call for application in Ile-de-France in 2011.


A three-year source of funding for thesis

The RDM-IdF, with 21 laboratories from the parisian region, mainly aims at financing  3-year thesis' allowances in mathematics. This program is an important extension to other programs for students in Master (such as the Sophie Germain's programs or Master France-Europe of the FMJH, Paris Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences of the FSMP, or also Bézout Excellence Track of the LabEx Bézout), a major tool to increase the attractivness in Ile-de-France and a tool to deal with new applications in R&D or Research.

Call for application

The call will be open from March, 24th to June, 1st 2014

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