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The FSMP-IHP program of LabEx SMP consists in financing stays in the Institut Henri Poincaré (Centre Emile Borel)to the non-Fondation scientifics who work in France within the framework of thematic programs of the Centre Emile Borel.


FSMP and IHP's direction and the program planner, cooperatively, choose applicants for the program.

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The new FSMP-IHP Program

it consists of 3 axes:

1° The FSMP takes care of 1 or 2 researchers/teachers expenses. Senior researcher, French or international applicant, invited by the CEB for a quarter's period, within the limit of € 5.000 / "IHP quarter's period"

2° The FSMP takes care of 3 or 5 reseachers/teachers expenses. Junior researchers (- 40 years old), French or international applicant, invited by the CEB for a quarter's period, within the limit of € 20.000 / "IHP quarter's period"

Refund conditions are the following:

-  Accommodation fees : up to € 73,90/day (receipt or rental lease from an agency, an insitution or an hotel is required). *
-  Daily charges: € 18,60/day of presence . *
-  Travel expenses : a returned ticket price (economy class).

* Reimbursement rates are updated on January.

3° The FSMP takes also care of travel expenses, daily charges and accommodation fees for the PhD students (members of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris network) who participate to the IHP quarter program of the preparatory classes (within the limit of 5 000 euros / "IHP quarter's period").


Documents to be transferred to the FSMP by the quarter's period planner for actions 1 and 2:

-  A research project linked to the program,
-  A calendar with your days of presence.


Documents for the Fondation:

-  Bank details,
-  A copy of the ID card,
-  A mission order without expenses/ partial payment certificate (copy),
-  Copy of train tickets or airline tickets (or original tickets if you want to be reimbursed),
-  Documents related to accommodation if a reimbursement is asked (a receipt or a rental lease from an agency, an institution or an hotel is required),
-  A report written by the applicant to give at the end of the stay,
-  An agreement (to be signed in office 320).

Administrative Contact

Kevin Ledocq         -           ledocq - at - fsmp.fr   - 01-44-27-68-03


Scientific Contact

Olivier Serre        -                 direction - at - fsmp.fr