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The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris allows meetings between mathematicians and its laboratories and the industrial world thanks to Horizon Maths. Two annual days for mathematics lectures dealing with subjects linked to industrial topics.


Next session

The next session of Horizon Math, "Mathematics and network", will be organised by Huawei under the supervision of Gabriel Peyré (DMA, CNRS, ENS) and Merouane Debbah (Hawei) at the Institut Henri Poincaré (11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris) on November, 30th 2017 from 9am to 5 pm.  

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Each session of this event is co-organized by the Foundation and sponsored by a firm (EADS in 2010, AREVA in 2011, TOTAL in 2012, GDF SUEZ in 2013, IFP Energies nouvelles in 2014). Main lectures themes are proposed and discussed between the Foundation and the company. They cooperatively agree on the choice of invited lecturers who have to come from the industrial and academic world. The final program is also collectively made.

The event is welcomed by the co-organized company. Apart from lectures, a big part of the program is assigned to talks between participants. It allows them to clear up some points , to go further concerning the program's subjects or to begin discussions which will probably be followed after the event.

Lectures are captured, according to the agreement of each lecturers and its company. Then, videos are posted online on the Foundation website. 


You are a researcher or a company, you are interested to participate to our Horizon Maths' days or you want to co-organized them, do not hesistate to contact us!

Sylvie Delabrière : delabrie - at - math.jussieu.fr

Horizon Maths: Previous Editions

The first edition of Horizon Maths, in 2010, was supported by EADS.
Click here to watch videos of this event.

The second edition of Horizon Maths, in 2011, was organized with AREVA.
Click here to watch this event's videos.

The third edition of Horizon Maths, in 2012, was organized with TOTAL.
Click here to watch videos of this event. 

The fourth edition of Horizon Maths, in 2013, was organized with GDF SUEZ.
Click here to watch videos of this event. 

The fifth edition of Horizon Maths 2014 was organized by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN). Click here for more information.

The sixth edition of Horizon Maths, in 2015 was organized by IBM France. Click here for more information