Instabilities in Hydrodynamics

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The project Mathematical studies of instabilities in hydrodynamics is an answer to the proposal Emergence(s) of the city of Paris.

Summary of the project

The mathematical study of equations of fluid mechanics  is a very intense research domain, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. This project brings together young researchers from Paris, working in the domain of fluid mechanics and more particularly on perturbations and hydrodynamical turbulence phenomena. Their work is related to theoretical, applied, and numerical mathematics, as well as mechanics. 

Our research in this domain will present two aspects. The first one, more on the theoretical side, will in particular be devoted to the understanding of various types of instabilities, and hydrodynamical turbulence. The second, more on the applied side, will be done in relation with the company Thalès: the question is to obtain a mathematical model for perturbations created by the wings of airplanes (wake vortices).  

Composition of the team

Our team brings together skills in many domains related to those questions, with specialists in boundary layers, in hydrodynamical instabilities, in fluid flows outside singular obstacles (like the trailing edge of the wing of an airplane), but also two specialists in numerics, and one Physicist.

Its members are:

- Diogo Arsenio (CR at CNRS, Paris Diderot)
- Christophe Chalons (MdC, Paris Diderot),
- Anne-Laure Dalibard (CR at CNRS, ENS Paris),
- Emmanuel Dormy (DR at CNRS, ENS Paris),
- Isabelle Gallagher (PR, Paris Diderot),
- David Gérard-Varet (PR, Paris Diderot),
- Matthieu Hillairet (MdC, Dauphine),
- Christophe Lacave (MdC, Paris Diderot),
- Nicolas Seguin (MdC, UPMC),
- Franck Sueur (MdC, UPMC)
- Benjamin Texier (MdC, Paris Diderot).

Scientific council

Jean-Yves Chemin, Frédéric Coquel, Walter Craig, Stephan Fauve, Eduard Feireisl, Rodney Fox, Laure Saint-Raymond. 

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Instabilities in hydrodynamics

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