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The Foundation takes part in a new program intitled MathC2+ organized by the Ministry of National Education. Faced to the lack of interest of young people in sciences, this program will provide to school students with high-potential courses to university. These interships will introduce mathematics in a different way and stimulate their taste for this subject.


MathC2+ project

MathC2+ was developed by the Ministry of National Education in paternship with associations following the success of the Olympiades.

It set up mathematical interships at the University for school students during the school holidays. These internships are conducted on volunteering and aren't courses support or refresher courses.


The Foundation's role in MathC2+

As partner, the Foundation provides its scientists network, deals with the patronage searchmanages the financial resourcesfollows and accompanies the students offering on its page some testimonies and reports about the internships.  


MathC2+ : pour en savoir plus

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