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This form is open for the following financial supports :

FSMP Distinguished Professor Fellowship (Invitation for external scientists): in the form, below, please choose "Invitation laboratoire" in the field "Type de demande".  More information about this program available here.

Scientific stays for pre-doc students : in the form, below, please choose "Séjour doctorant" in the field "Type de demande".  More information about this program available here.

Other financial support:  in the form, below, please  choose "Other" in the field  "Type de demande" and write a quick description of what you ask for in the section   "Autre demande".

Demandes de financement 2018

The Fondation Sciences Mahtématique de Paris finances scientific stays for a three-month period maximum in external laboratories (French or from abroad). It is aimed at PhD students who are members of a laboratory affiliated to the foundation. The Fondation also offers a financial support for external scientists (junior/senior professors) to be invited in its affiliated laboratories for a two-to-three month stay. It is also possible to fill this form for exceptional support (Crédit d'intervention)

The steering committee gathers every 2 months. Click here for more information


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