- The FSMP Chair: allows outstanding foreign scientists to be hosted in one or several laboratories affiliated to the Foundation. Applications in all fields of mathematical sciences and fundamental computer science are eligible.

- Postdoctoral programs: The Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris offers 20 post-doctoral positions in mathematics and in computer science.

- FSMP Distinguished Professor Fellowship: The Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris offers a financial support for guest scientists (junior/senior professors) to be invited in its  laboratories for a two-to-three month period. Appointed scientists will also have the opportunity to visit and to work with other laboratories.

- Paris Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences (PGSM): offers scholarships for Masters' courses and personalized support to students having studied abroad, selected through a written application process, in order to join one of the universities of the FSMP network.

- Research Residencies for PhD Students : The Fondation Sciences Mathématique de Paris finances scientific residencies for a three-month period maximum in external laboratories (French or abroad). It is aimed at PhD students who are members of a laboratory affiliated to the foundation.

- Programme de bourses de soutien pour un mémoire de master hors IDF. For students of our network who wish to carry out an internship in France, outside Paris

- Other Programs and Projects