Research Residencies for PhD Students

The Fondation Sciences Mahtématique de Paris finances scientific research visits for at least one month in external laboratories (French or abroad). It is aimed at PhD students who are members of one of the laboratory affiliated to the foundation.

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Program Manager

Francis Bach : Francis - dot - Bach - at - inria - dot  - fr     


How to apply for this program

Involvement in the programme should be requested by the PhD student.

The foundation will cover travel and living expenses (upon proof of payment, depending on the destination) The Foundation does not cover any expenses relating to residencies carried out in the student's partner laboratory.


The application form should include:

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • a presentation of the thesis topic,
  • the scientific research program of the residency,
  • a letter from the scientific referee or from the host laboratory
  • a recommandation from the thesis supervisor,
  • a signed agreement from the director of the host laboratory,
  • a financial plan (estimate of the overall cost).

Online application only.

  • You are interested by this program; click here to apply,
  • A copy of the application file will be sent to the director of the graduate school,
  • Students will be selected by the Foundation's Steering Committee,
  • You will receive a response within two monts.

Support from the Foundation Pierre Ledoux

The Foundation Pierre Ledoux supports one or two scientific residencies per year, on terms similar to the FSMP's, preferably in emerging countries like South American countries, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, African countries, as well as in Russia.

Financial support Form

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Steering Committees

-  February 2017
-  April 2017
-  June 2017
-  October 2017
-  December 2017

All files must be transmitted, at the latest, the 1st day of each month previously stated.