Scholarship for master thesis outside Paris Region

Scholarships in mathematics and fundamental computer science outside the Paris Region.

Any students enrolled in a mathematics or fundamental computer science Master's programme in the region can apply to the FSMP and FMJH to fund their Master's internship outside the Paris region.

After the approval of the Board of directors, the FSMP and FMJH will refund accomodation and travel expenses on the basis of the most economic SNCF rail fare available (up to a limit of one return journey and 500 euros per month, or 1 500 euros per internship.)


If you have a research project and are interested in doing your Master's internship outside the region, please fill in the online form.

Documents to be submitted : 

- List of the M2 courses
- Results of first year Master's (list of attended classes, grades, etc)
- Second year Master's grades if available (exams)
- Letter of application
- Your research project (please provide your academic supervisor's contact)

The FSMP and the FMJH, in conjunction with the Masters coordinators, will select the beneficiaries of the funding program according to the relevance of the submitted project.

Application from December 19th 2017 to April 14th 2018 (included)

Contact us

contact - at - fsmp - dot - fr

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