Steering Committee

The members of the steering commitee are:

- Olivier Biquart, DMA, Geometry, Professor at the ENS
- Charles Bouveyron, MAP 5, Statistics, Professor at the University Paris-Descartes
- Francis Bach, SIERRA Project-team, Senior researcher at INRIA
- Jean-Stéphane Dhersin, Laga, Probabilities and Statistics, Professor at Paris-Nord
- Sandrine Péché, LPMA, Probabilities and Statistics, Professor at Paris-Diderot
- Muriel Livernet, IMJ-PRG, Algebraic topology, Professor at Paris-Diderot
- Frédéric Magniez, IRIF, Algorithms et complexity, Senior researcher at the CNRS, Deputy director of the FSMP
- Ariane Mézard, IMJ-PRG, Number theory, Professor at the UPMC, Deputy director of the FSMP
- Gabriel Peyré, CEREMADE, Optimal transportation, Senior researcher at the CNRS
- Emmanuel Trélat, LJLL, Control theory, Professor at the UPMC, Director of the FSMP

Steering Committees

-  February 2017
-  April 2017
-  June 2017
-  October 2017
-  December 2017

All files must be transmitted, at the latest, the 1st day of each month previously stated.