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The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris organizes or supports mathematics events throughout the year: lectures, classes, symposia, workshops, etc.

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The FSMP organizes two annual symposia : Mathématiques en mouvement, aiming at students, and Horizon Maths, gathering academical mathematicians and those working for the Industry sector.


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Grigory Mikhalkin
(Université de Genèveorganizes, with Ilia Itenberg (iMJ-PRG), a symposium entiteld Géométrie et topologieMore information here.

Alessio Porretta
 (Università di Roma Tor Vergata) gave a 10-week course at the IHP. It dealt with "Some PDE methods in mean field games theory"More information here.

Kevin Zumbrun
 (laureate of the 2014 Research Chair from the Indiana University) gave 16 weeks of lectures from February 3rd at the IHP. His course was entitled: "Stability of viscous shock waves and beyond". Benjamin Texier (IMJ-PRG) and Kevin Zumbrun organize a conference on June 23-26 called "Shock waves and beyond". More information here.

Antoine Mellet
(University of Maryland), 2014 Junior Chair of the FSMP, gave a 32-hour course during his stay at the LJLL. All lectures took place at the Annex of the College de France. More information here. 

Herbet Spohn
 (laureate of the 2014 Research Chair from the Technische Universität München) gave 10 weeks of lectures entitled: "Integrable stochastic models in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class" from January 14th at the Annex of the College de France. More information here.


Grigory Mikhalkin 
(University of Geneva), 2013 Research chaire of excellence laureate, gave courses in Septembre 2014 and also organized, at the same time, with Ilia Itenberg (iMJ) a symposium entiteld Géométrie et topologie in Jussieu. All videos available, here

Lauren Williams 
(Berkeley), 2014 Junior Chair of the FSMP, gave a twenty-hour course entitled "Introduction to cluster algebras" during her stay in LIAFA. All videos available, here

From June 16th to 20th the hydrodynamic instabilities team gave a conference about "Mathematical Hydrodynamics".

All videos available, here.


Gunther Uhlman (Laureate of the 2013 Fondation's Research Chair) will organise from April 4th to April 11th 2014 a workshop called  "Inverse Problems and Imaging". This will take place in the l'Institut Henri Poincaré.

More information on the event's website : click here


From January to April 2014, Benjamin Webster (Laureate of the 2013 Junior Chair) will propose a course entitled: "Higher representation theory in algebra and geometry". Theses courses will take place at the IHP (11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 Paris) from 2pm to 4pm every Thursday: January 30th , Fabruary 6/13/20/27, March 6/13 and April 10/17 2014.

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January and February 2014: Yves Capdeboscq, Laureate of the 2013 Junior Chair, will organize courses in January and February 2014 about Hybrid Inverse Problems. It will be held at the Collège de France (adjoining room rue d'Ulm) 

More Information, click here

He will also propose a symposium about Inverse Problems and Imagin on February 12th and 13th at the IHP. 

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January, 26th 2014: End of Peter Markovitch's Chair. This event is organised by the FSMP to end the Chair of Peter Markovitch (laureate in 2011). this day will take place at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions and will present lectures about EDP Models in Social Sciences.  

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On Wednesday 22nd January 2014 ath the Institut Galilée de l’Université Paris 13,  MathSTIC of the université Paris 13, in association with the Association Aristote and MACS-SupGalilée, organize a theme day called Calcul Intensif Distribué pour  l'Industrie .
This day will present mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, responsible for major applied research projects. They will present their work and share their vision of the current state and the necessary evolution of scientific computing in conjunction with the current and future software tools.

Program available here:


The LJLL and Mr Anthony Patera (Institute of technology in Massachusetts and laureate of the 2013 Fondation Research Chair)  organize a workshop entitled : "Model reduction and data", on January 6th, 7th and 8th 2014 . It will be held in Jussieu (room 309 of the corridor 15-16, 3rd floor).

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September 12th 2013 at the Institut Henri Poincaré, Amphithéâtre Darboux
: DIM RMD-IdF doctorants' day organized by the FMJH, FSMP and LabEx Bezout. Every doctorant has exposed his/her research study during 20 minutes.

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May 21st - 24th 2013 in Institut Henri Poincaré, Amphithéâtre Hermite: conference Nonlinear wave equations organized by Sergiu Klainerman, Philippe LeFloch and Jérémie Szeftel. Click here for more information and registration.

May 27th to 31st 2013, SMAI 2013: 6ème biennale des mathématiques appliquées et industrielles.

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On December, 18th 2012 at
the IHP: Launch of the Domain d'Intérêt Majeur (DIM) program in mathematics. Organised by the FMJH, the FSMP, the Labex Bézout and supported by the Région Ile-de-france. This program allows students to benefit from PhD scholarships. This event introduced many researchers from the FMJH, FSMP and Labex Bézout 's network who presented their work in mathematics.

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From November 12th to 14th 2012: Young Mathematicians' Forum at the IHP:  organized by l'Association Femmes et Mathématiques and supported by the Mission pour la Place de la Femme (CNRS), INSMI, INS2I, MIPADI (Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche). Sponsored by the Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles,  the Société Mathématique de France, the Fédération de Recherche en Mathématiques de Paris Centre and the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris.

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From August 27th to 31st 2012Instabilities in Hydrodynamics ... organized by the Emergence team of Christophe Lacave at the IHP.

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June, 15th 2012 : New perspectives in approximation theory...  Albet Cohen (LJLL) and Dominique Picard (LPMA) organized with the support of the FSMP a half-day presentation dealing with:  New perspectives in approximation theory and applications.

Find out here the presentation's slides.


May, 15th 2012 : Mathématiques en Mouvement...The 2012 event took place on Tuesday 15th may 2012 at l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (45 rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris).

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From January 23rd to March 19th: Ivan Nourdin's class ...Ivan Nourdin, holder of the 2011 Foundation Prize held a course from January 23rd to March 19th dealing with Approximation gaussienne à l’aide du calcul de Malliavin, De la méthode de Stein à l’universalité. Courses were held at the Collège de France annexe:  3 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris.

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January, 12th and 13th 2012 : Workshop Functional Inequalities and PDE in the Life Sciences...Functional Inequalities and PDE in the Life Sciences workshop was organized on January 12th and 13th 2012 at Paris-Dauphine University by Peter Markowich, holder of the Chair of Excellence in 2011 and Jean Dolbeault.

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From January 9th to 13th 2012 : Arithmetic, Motives and Moduli Spaces...  Arithmetic, Motives and Moduli Spaces symosium was held and organized by Olivier Debarre (ENS), Hélène Esnault (Essen), Claire Voisin (IMJ) et Olivier Wittenberg (ENS) during the stay of Hélène Esnault, holder of the Chair of Excellence in 2011.

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Horizon Maths 2011... The second edition of Horizon Maths in 2011 was organized with .

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September, 27th 2011 : Launch of the LabEx program  On September, 27th 2011 was launched the laboratory of excellence supported by the Fondation Sciences et Mathématiques de Paris: Labex Sciences Mathématiques de Paris. Lectures were held dealing with LabEx scientific topics: Math-Risk interactions, Math-Biology's, Math-Oceanography's, Math-Industry's and Math-Computing interactions. Presentations by the holders of the Foundation programs were also organized linked to their research subject.

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September, 23rd 2011 : An afternoon with Peter Markowich's lectures ...An afternoon of lectures with  Peter Markowich,holder of the 2011 Chair of Excellence, Martin Burger (University of Muenster) and Shi Jin (University of Wisconsin-Madison Shanghai Jiaotong), at the UMPC.

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Friday, 13th May 2011: An afternoon with Ron DeVore ... Presentations were held in Paris during the afternoon of Friday 13th May on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Ron DeVore, Professor in Columbia,  for his last stay as the 2009 holder of the Chair of Excellence. Presentations by Albert Cohen, Wolfgang Dahmen, Dominique Picard et Eitan Tadmor, at the laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions, gave the opportunity to give him his medals as the holder of the Chair of Excellence.

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Wednesday, 4th May 2011 : Mathématiques en Mouvement ...For the third time, the Fondation organizes Mathématiques en mouvement, a whole day of mathematics lectures accessible to students, dealing with various topics. Lectures will be held to underline the amazing diversity of the research in mathematics. Maths en Mouvement will take place on Wednesday 4th May 2011 from 9h30 to 17h30 at the University of Paris-Diderot.

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November, 29th and 30th 2010 : Horizon Maths 2010 ...
For the first time, Horizon Maths was organised on November 29th and 30th 2010. It was co-organized by the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris and EADS, which has kindly welcomed the event in its premises.

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June, 21st and 22nd 2010  Ron DeVore Days ...Ron DeVore (holder of the 2009 Chair of Excellence), and Albert Cohen (professor at UPMC, LJLL) organized two thematics days on June 21st and 22nd 2010. It dealt with High dimensional problems.

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June, 17th 2010: Symmetry, Duality, and Cinema...Edward Frenkel, holder of the 2008 Chair of Excellence, closed his Chair by a lectures day on june 17th 2010. The theme was Symmetry, Duality, and Cinema. Presentations were made by Edward Frenkel and David Hernandez (Ecole Polytechnique), Vincent Lafforgue (IMJ) et Nikita Nekrasov (IHES).

The day ended by the projection of Reine Graves and Edward Frenkel 's film, Rite of love and maths.

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June, 1st 2010 : Mathématiques en mouvement 2010... For the second time the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris supported by the organized a whole lectures day for the Mathématiques en mouvement event. It took place on June 1st 2010 at  l’Ecole Normale Supérieure. This event is open for the following: students (in particular students in Master classes and mathematics), researchers or everbody interested in Mathematics . This day underlines the amazing diversity of the research in mathematics through some presentations made by young researchers from various sectors: from analysis to theorical computing or probability. 

Find out here the program of this event. 


March, 25th and 26th 2010 : Sir John Ball, Docteur Honoris Causa of the UPMC , Sir John Ball was the guest of honor on March 25th and 26th 2010. The British Mathematician has been awarded the Docteur Honoris Causa of l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

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From March 10th to May 26th 2010 : Jérémie Szeftel's classes...Jérémie Szeftel, holder of the 2009 Foundation Prize, organized classes from March 10th to May 26th entitled: Autour de la conjecture L2 en Relativité Générale. Every Wednesday from 9h30 to 11h30, at the Collège de France Annexe, 3 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris.

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December, 1st and 2nd 2009 : MATHS A VENIR 2009, Such a success ! More than 700 visitors came to participate to the 2009 MATHS A VENIR event:
Mathematicians, teachers, students, industrialists and journalists... were part of the program.

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May, 11th 2009 : Mathématiques en mouvement...There is still some research to do in Mathematics! This is what the Foundation tries to explain for the first lectures day called Mathématiques en mouvement. It took place on May 11th at the l'Ecole Normale Supérieure and was first created for the Master students. It aimed at underlining the amazing diversity of the research in Mathematics, showing the links between every specialities and the large variety of its applications. Were programmed: complex analysis, scientific arithmetic, geometry, computing, probability, dynamic systems, group theory, numbers theory, modeling, ...  Lectures also point the fact that there are other prospects in Mathematics. Research is not the only one if we bring into light interactions between Mathematics and other fields. In fact, it is important to show how Mathematics is a dynamic science but most of all, it is important to create new callings. So, Mathématiques en mouvement answers to one of the main Foundation mission.

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