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Emmanuel Trélat


Emmanuel Trélat is profesor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie and member of Institut Universitaire de France. His research field is control theory. He currently works at Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions. Former student of ENS Cachan, he made his Ph.D at Université de Bourgogne (obtained in 2000). Previously, he has been assistant professor at Université Paris Sud (2001-2006) and professor at Université d’Orléans (2006-2011). He has been rewarded of many prizes : a SIAM prize in 2006, Maurice Audin Prize in 2010, Félix Klein Prize (EMS) in 2012 and Blaise Pascal Prize (from french Academy of Sciences) in 2014. He is the FSMP director since july 2015. 


Olivier Serre

Deputy director 

Former student of ENS Cachan, Olivier Serre defended both his Ph.D (distinguished by an award from the SPECIF) and his HDR (en 2015) at Université Paris-Diderot. Since 2016, he is CNRS senior researcher at IRIF. He also teaches at the Computer science Department of Ecole polytechnique. His work is about Automata and Formal Languages, the links between Game Theory and Logic, infinite structures, rewriting and verification of functional programs. Olivier Serre is also co-editor in chief of RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications and co-head of the GT-ALGA from GdR IM.

View his personal page here:

Phone: (+33) 1 57 27 94 18

Email: olivier dot serre @ irif dot fr

Office at the IHP: 322 bis

Muriel Livernet

Deputy Director

Muriel Livernet is Professor of Mathematics at Université Paris Diderot. Former student of ENS Lyon, she got her Ph.D at Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, in 1998. She formerly worked as Assistant Professor at Université Paris 13, where she got her HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in 2007. She joined the IMJ-PRG in 2015. Her field of research is Algebraic Topology and more specifically Operad Theory.

Personal page: https://webusers.imj-prg.fr/~muriel.livernet/

Tel.: (+33) 1 57 27 91 72

Email : livernet at math.univ-paris-diderot dot fr

Office at the IHP : 322 bis

Yvon Maday

Director of Institut Carnot

Professor at the UPMC since 1989 and Professor of exceptional class since 2001, Yvon Maday is a specialist in numerical analysis, parallelization, the analysis for coupled problems and for the biological issues,  problems arising from quantum chemistry. He received the Blaise Pascal award in 2001 and is a member of the European Academy of Sciences since 2003. Director of the Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions from 2001 to 2012, he was also president of the "Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles" from 2004 to 2006. It is therefore natural that he was given the role as the Head of Industry Relations at the FSMP. In 2016, he became Director of the Institut Carnot.

Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 42 98

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 72 00

Email: maday at ann dot jussieu dot fr

Gabriel Peyré

Head of industry relations

Christian Ausoni

PGSM program Director

Jacques Féjoz

In charge of master thesis outside Paris and its areas

Jacques Féjoz is a dynamical systems and celestial mechanics specialist. His research works deal with the stability of the solar system and instability mechanisms. He defended his thesis on the 3-body problem in 1999 and joined the Northwestern University. He became Associate Professor at the University Pierre et Marie Curie in 2001. Since 2011, he has been Professor at the University Paris-Dauphine. At the FSMP, he is in charge of the master thesis outside Paris and its areas.

View his personal page here:

Email: fejoz at ceremade dot dauphine dot fr

Etienne Gouin-Lamourette

Administrative and Financial Director

Graduated in Law and Political Sciences (Université Paris X) and holder of a French certificate in Fundraising (ESSEC Business School - AFF), Etienne Gouin-Lamourette is a research engineer at the CNRS. He was both Jurist, Responsible of the CNRS bureau des marchés et contrats and Administrator of the Institut Henri-Poincaré until 1999 . He has also participated to create the Foundation.

 Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 67 71

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 68 02

Email: egl at fsmp dot fr

Office at the IHP: 322 bis

Ariela Briani

Project representative

Holder of a PhD in Mathematics since 1999, Ariela Briani has been a lecturer at the University of Pisa and then at the University Of Tour. Her research works focuses on control theory, Hamilton-Jacobi equations and gamma-convergence. In 2017, she became a Project representative at the FSMP.

Tél : (+33) 1 44 27 68 02

Fax : (+33) 1 44 27 68 04

Mél : briani - at - fsmp - point - fr

Bureau à l'IHP : :317

Gaël Octavia

Communication Manager

Graduated from Télécom Sud-Paris (previously Télécom INT) in 2001, Gaël Octavia was firstly an information systems engineer and then became a scientific journalist. From 2002 to 2008 she works as a writer and sub-editor for Tangente, a magazine of mathematical content for the public in general. In February 2008, she joins the FSMP as Communication Manager.

Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 67 70

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 68 04

Email: octavia at fsmp dot fr

Office at the IHP: 318

Célia Chauveau

Office Manager

Graduated as an Executive Assistant in 2005, she was secretarial teacher at the GRETA Sud tertiaire 93, from 2006 to 2007. In 2006, she became assistant at the Institut Henri Poincaré and was in charge of the CNRS Missions Management. Since 2007, she works at the Foundation and became Executive Assistante

Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 67 72

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 68 04

Email: chauveau at fsmp dot fr

Office at the IHP: 320

Jean Lévine

Math-Industries special adviser

Jean Lévine obtained his "Doctorat d' État" in Mathematics in 1984 for which he was awarded the "Best Thesis" AFCET prize, section "Theory", in 1985. He has been a Director of Research with MINES-ParisTech, PSL Research University since 2006 and in charge of the Maths and Systems Doctoral Studies section of the Doctoral School entitled "Sciences et Métiers de l'Ingénieur" (Engineering Sciences and Practice). He is presently an Emeritus Director of Research. His research topics are in Automatic Control, first in Differential Games, and then in finite dimensional nonlinear systems, for which he contributed to many industrial applications, in particular in the domains of aeronautics and aerospace, chemical and biotechnological processes, automotive industries and electro-mechanical and electronic systems. He joined the FSMP in 2015 as a Math-Industries special adviser.

Email: jean -point- levine -at- mines-paristech -dot- fr
        levine -at- fsmp -dot- fr
Web: http://www.mines-paristech.fr/Recherche/Centres-de-recherche/Centre-automatique-et-systemes-CAS/ 

Frédérique Petit

Project Representative (MathC2+)

Doctor in mathematics from the University Paris Diderot and entitled to supervise researches, Frédérique Petit was Associate Professor at the Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires (University Pierre et Marie Curie) from 1992 to 2011. Her research works focused on perturbed Brownian motion and exponential functionals of Lévy processes. She was in charge of the CAPES preparation at the University Pierre et Marie Curie for several years. Since 2004, she has been involved in the popularization of mathematics. Since 2011, she has joined the FSMP to work on the MathC2+ program.

Email: frederique dot petit at upmc dot fr

Dominique Wetzel

Project Representative

Graduated as a Trilingual Assistant in 2006 and in business communication in 2009, Dominique Wetzel used to be an English Trainer in a vocational training centre for one year and worked in the clinical research field during two years. In 2012, she joined the operational team of the Foundation as a Project Representative/Chargée de mission.

Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 66 48

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 68 04

Email: wetzel at fsmp dot fr

Office at the IHP: 318

Kevin Ledocq

Management Assistant

Graduated in 2010 as an Executive Assistant. He carried out in 2011 a bachelor in business administation.  Kevin Ledocq has already worked in the same sector as the FSMP's during 2 years at Inria.  In May 2014, he joined the Foundation team as a Management Assistant.

Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 68 03

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 68 04

Email: ledocq at fsmp dot fr

Office at the IHP: 320