The FSMP Chairs

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The Research Chair allows outstanding foreign scientists to be hosted in one or several laboratories affiliated to the Foundation. Applications in all fields of mathematical sciences are eligible.

Who is able to apply ?

Applications to the FSMP Chairs are open to all mathematicians or computer scientists of french or foreign nationality ( Associate Professor, Professor , research director, etc.) The scientists from the Foundation's laboratories cannot apply.

All subjects of pure or applied mathematics and theoretical computer science can be elected.


The duration of the FSMP chair can be from 4 until 12 months maximum. (It can be split into 2 academic years)

Salary and Budget

Each laureate receives a net monthly salary between €4 700 and €6 200 (depending on the candidate profile). 

They are as well given a budget dedicated to scientific activities (workshops, symposium, etc.)

If the the laureates of this program work for a french university or french research institution, the terms of the stay as the FSMP chair will be settled according to the institution of origin.

The laureates will enjoy social cover and health insurance.

Each laureate must give a 20 hours course at a doctoral level. He/She can organise a scientific workshop.


Application are submited online. the call for academic year 2019-2020 will be open from October 1st until December 10th 2018.

Click here to apply online.

Document to provide during the application process :

- Curriculum vitae (with list of publications)
- Description of the courses
- Letter of application
- Planned research project
- Recommendation letters (Step 4 of the application) : do not forget to mention the e-mail address of the researchers who wish to send recommendation letters.They will receive an automatic email to upload their letter.

Besides the quality of applications, we also expect from applicants to specify :
How their project will contribute, in the host laboratory-ies, to develop a new scientific activity, and with whom they plan to interact with most of the time.


direction - at - fsmp - dot - fr


Click here for more information about all the aureates of the FSMP chairs (Junior, Foundation Research Chair, Foundation's Prize)

2019 laureates

Bao Viet Le Hung,  6 months at LAGA. (Assistant professor at the Northwestern University) His research interests are Galois representations, Automorphic forms, Arithmetic geometry and their interactions, Moduli spaces of Galois and related aspects in modular and geometric representation theory.

Hoai-Minh Nguyen, FSMP/PSL joint chair for 6 months. (Assistant professor and Chair of Analysis and Applied Mathematics in the Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne (EPFL)). His research interests are Analysis, EDP and Applied mathematics. He'll be able to work with researchers from LJLL, CAS, CEREMADE et le LAGA.

Leonid Libkin for 6 months (Professor at the University of Edimbrugh). His research interests are Databases, Logic in computer science , Functional programming, Lattice theory, ordered sets and universal algebra. He'll be able to work with researchers from IRIF, DI ENS and Inria.