You carried out your bachelor degree/1st year of Master outside the FSMP network or abroad

The scholarship

This scholarship is available for students who wish to follow their study in the first and/or in the second year of master


Students who followed a bachelor degree in Mathematics/fundamental computing out of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris network or abroad can apply to this program. Can also apply students who already did a first year of Master.

This program is only available for students who can benefit from the French social coverage for students. Thus, for the next calls for applications (2017-2018), only applicants born after Octobre, 1st 1990 are able to apply to a M2 scholarship (or October, 1st 1991 for a 2-year scholarship)

The scholarship

The laureates of PGSM International receive a scholarship of 1100 euros per month maximum.

Laureates of M2 will receive a scholarship for 10 months + 2 months if they want to do a doctorate in France. However, M1 laureates will receive a 12-month scolarship.

The FSMP also takes care of finding an accomodation for the laureates in students residence under preferential conditions. Students from this program benefit from student price for the students' cafeteria. Furthermore, we reimburse the price of their return ticket from your home country to Paris (one return ticket in economic class per year) 

Administrative and scientific support

The administrative team of the Foundation helps every students to be well integrated in the Paris' microcosm. The team also helps them for any administrative procedures such as Universtity suscription, medical care or Visa's procedure.

Laureates benefit from a scientific supervision and a follow-up of their school results :

- Advice on courses : The laureates benefit from personalised advice from a lecturer at the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris who will be his/her tutor during one or two years. The tutor advises his/her student on what courses to choose, depending on his/her previous education and plans for further study. He can also gives advice on what to do after the first year of master and help his/her students consider the option of further study at the end of the master.

- Direction of studies : The Fundation and the director of studies regularly check on the scientific progress of PGSM students. Individual support, relying on doctoral students for example, can be set up on a case-by-case basis.

- For non French speaking students : Students' tutors may propose non-french speaking puipls to be helped in English, and may guide them to follow some trainings to learn French as a foreign language. It is wisely adviced for students who do not speak any French to undertake some intensive training before the begining of the school year, in their host university.

Online Application

Applications are made only from the online form available here.  Open from October 1st 2016 to January 26th 2017 (23h59 Paris Time)

Only letters of recommendation can be uploaded online until January 28th 2017 (23h59 Paris time)


Selection is made through the excellency of each student's academic records linked to their Bachelor years .

Decision is made by the PGSM Steering Committee.

Sholarship for the second year is linked to the results of the first year's examination. 

Complete application will only be studied.


Scientific environment

The scientific environment is exceptional: PGSM relies on the network of laboratories of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris. This networks brings together all the mathematical sciences research teams in Paris and constitutes the most important research institution in the world in these fields. It includes over 1 200 researchers, a large part of them teaching the masters in the five partner universities  Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris-Diderot, Paris-Dauphine, Paris-Descartes, Paris Nord, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne et l'ENS (Ulm) in the best tradition of the French school of mathematics, with its strong international reputation.

Network laboratories : The list of our laboratories is available, here


You can send an email to pgsm - at - fsmp - doubt - fr


It is mandatory for PGSM Students to be in Paris from September 1st to benefit from intensive french courses and to be up to date for administrative procedures.


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Document to enclosed with the online application

- Curriculum vitae
- Letter of application
- Bachelor/ Master certificate and school reports M1/M2
- Letter(s) of recommendation(s): do not forget de mention (step 4 of the application process) the e-mail address of the professors who wish to send recommendation letters. They will receive an automatic email to upload their letter.


Complete application will be studied only.

Applicants are invited to submit to their application all documents they think are important (rankings, ranking in national and international competitions ...) That would help to determine the level of the application. All the given information must be official. Moreover, the authors of the recommendation's letters are, if possible, encouraged to provide elements of comparison that can be checked.


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