Call for Math In Paris Fellowships

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Cofund MathInParis : Phd fellowships

To see the offer's description, please click here. You can use the following form to apply.

Only the fields denoted by a star are required at the submission's creation. The other fields can be filled later but the entire form must be completely filled and saved before the deadline of April, 1st 2018 (23:59, Paris time).

On April, 13th 2018, 40 candidates will receive a notification to provide further documents on the same form.

All documents must be uploaded in .pdf format !

After submission, a password is delivered to the candidate via email to allow the candidate to go back on the application form in order to complete it.

(To change anything on your application form, please go back to the FSMP's website homepage. At the bottom of the page in the Call for application module, there is a "login"/"connectez-vous" button. Click on that button and enter your email and your password)

Applicant's informations

Scientific Part

Advisor's information (Only FSMP laboratory members are accepted)

Recommendation letters

An automatic email will be sent to the professors as soon as you submit your application. They will be able to upload the letter directly in your application file. We advise you to keep in touch with your professors and inform them they'll receive an email.

Eligibility criteria

Les champs marqués d'un * sont obligatoires pour soumettre sa candidature.


Find here all the answers to the frequently asked questions about this call for application.