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The FSMP is part of a research mathematical and computer science network bringing together 14 laboratories and 23 Inria teams in Paris belonging to three collegiate university :

Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL)

Sorbonne Université(SU)

Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC)

Your research can be hosted in one of these laboratories or in one of the Inria teams. (The complete list is available here)

Researchers in our laboratories mainly work on :

General Pure Mathematics

  • Algebra : DMA, IMJ
  • Algebraic Topology and Geometry : DMA, IMJ, LAGA
  • Analysis : DMA, IMJ, LJLL
  • Arithmetic: LAGA, IMJ
  • Combinatorics and optimization : DI ENS, IMJ IRIF
  • Differential geometry : DMA, IMJ
  • Mathematical logic : IMJ
  • Number Theory : DMA, IMJ
  • Operators Algebras : IMJ

History of Mathematics : CAMS, IMJ

General Applied Mathematics

  • Applied functional analysis : IMJ, LJLL, SAMM
  • Dynamical systems and applications : ASD, CAMS, IMJ, LAGA, LPMA
  • Non linear analysis and partial differential equation : DMA, CAMS, CEREMADE, LAGA, LJLL, SAMM
  • Mathematical optimization, optimal control theory and applications : CEREMADE, LJLL, SAMM
  • Numerical analysis : "CEREMADE, LJLL

 Probability, statistics and applications

  • Probability : CEREMADE, DMA, LAGA, LPMA, MAP5, SAMM
  • Biostatistics :  DMA, LPMA, LSTA
  • Actuarial science : LSTA
  • Mathematical Finance : CEREMADE, LAGA, LJLL, LPMA


Mathematical/Computational modeling

  • Mathematical image processing and data analysis: CEREMADE, CAMS, LAGA, LJLL, MAP5
  • Mathematical modeling applied to medicine and life science : MAP5, IRIF, LJLL, LAGA, LPMA
  • Mathematical modeling for physics, chemistry and mechanics : CEREMADE, MAP5, LJLL, LAGA, LPMA
  • Mathematical modeling for complex systems in social siences : CAMS, LJLL, IRIF


Computer Science

  • Discrete structures, graph theory, randomness and geometry : DI-ENS, INRIA, IRIF
  • Logic and verification, Proof theory, Verification by model chekcing, Database theory, design and models : DI-ENS, INRIA, IRIF
  • Programming language theory, Software and its envineering : INRIA, IRIF
  • Design and analysis of algorithms, Computer graphics : DI ENS, INRIA
  • Security and privacy, Cryptography : DI ENS, INRIA,
  • Quantum computing : INRIA, IRIF
  • Computational biology and Bioinformatics : INRIA, IRIF


For more information you can write to : mathinparis - at - fsmp - dot - fr

Our laboratories

  • ASD : Observatoire de Paris,
  • CAS : Institut Mines-Télécom, ParisTech
  • CoFr : Collège de France
  • CEREMADE : Université Paris Dauphine
  • DMA :ENS
  • DI-ENS : ENS, Inria
  • IMJ-PRG : UPMC, Université Paris Diderot
  • IRIF : Université Paris Diderot
  • LAGA : Université Paris 13
  • LJLL : UPMC, Université Paris Diderot
  • LPMA :UPMC, Université Paris Diderot
  • MAP5 :Université Paris Descartes
  • SAMM :Université Paris 1- Panthéon Sorbonne
  • Inria Paris


Please, note that LSTA and LPMA will merge in January 2018. The new laboratory will be called LPSM (Click here for more information)

We have scientific contacts in many countries where maths studies are developed.

If you need any dedicated advice with one of our ambassadors in your country, you can contact us at mathinparis - at - fsmp - dot - fr