Positions Post-Doctorales

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Documents to be provided

1- A curriculum vitae ;

2- A list of publications ;

3- A description of the scientific project (around two pages),

4- A letter of application.

All documents must be provided in the .pdf format

Recommendation Letters

It is mandatory for each applicant to have a tutor inside your futur host laboratory. This tutor will have to write a letter of recommendation. Furthermore, we strongly advise you to keep in touch with the head of the host laboratory to define a post-doctoral project in agreement with the team's/laboratory's themes.

In the application, there will be :

- one or two recommendation letters of scientists from external laboratories (outside the Foundation perimeters)

- A letter of support from the scientific "tutor" of the host laboratory,

- A letter of recommendation from the thesis director.

Do not forget to mention the e-mail address of the professors who may be enable to send recommendation letterss (step 5 of the application form). They will receive an automatic email to upload their document.